Sunday, 30 December 2012

Cleaning the Crypt

With the Holiday period upon us I decided to tackle a dreadful task, cleaning up my craft room! I knew it would be a dreadful chore, but because I want to start 2013 fresh and focused on my crafting, it was a necessary evil. 

My Crypt heard me talking about it for some time and did the favour of picking up the storage drawers for me, (I don't drive so taking these on the bus would be quite impossible) 


My craft room is a spare room at the back of the house, we have a home gym and drum kit in there so its a bit tight, I really needed to maximise the space. I'm super proud of myself for remembering to take before and after shots.

Yes, it was a total dump, and I decided to move the furniture mid-cleaning. Cos I'm super smart. 

Chris' father made me this fabulous chest of small drawers, its the best thing to store all my fiddly little bits in, I have lots of fiddly little bits. :)
 AFTER: How fabulous is it now, I can actually walk around and easily find things!
 My storage units came up beautifully. And I now have a designated area for my resin pieces to set.

 The natural light I get at the desk now is perfect for crafting. Not to mention the view of my backyard is quite nice.
 I am so beyond happy with my room now, I feel totally ready to tackle 2013 head on. I shall be spending many happy hours at my desk crafting away. 

For anyone else scared of the thought of cleaning out, do it now! You won't regret the end result!



  1. Love your clean up! Im in the middle of sorting out my craft room... Two days later, plus building an ikea shelf, i think im nearly done!

  2. Ypur blogost inspired me to blog about my craft room clean up too! I included a link to your blg post on mine too, hope you dont mind!